Since the year 2000, ganesh and his team have conceptualised, researched and published several editions of under the bonnet, a journal which takes a deep and insightful look at current issues and challenges in the hr and leadership development field. utb has come to be hugely respected for leading thought in these areas.

leadership as an engine of growth
women in leadership and what it takes
talent beyond the socio-economic chasm
shape of things to come
research on careers on career development
equal opportunity india
india’s performance management challenge
from training & development to learning & lonevity
staffing for start-ups
employee engagement – easier said than done!
the 4 things that really ail indian work culture
nurturing entrepreneurial capabilities
putting passion to work!
rediscovering the forgotten art of coaching
employee relations – shouldn't it live on?
managing pay – are we looking beyond 2009?
commitment to cause – the new avatar of employee loyalty
differentiation of talent in india