My very early days as a consultant at totus inspired me to explore coaching. I became a coach way back in 2001.

I was motivated to create an Indian coaching institution and thanks to the deep involvement of our co-founders, CFI was born in 2006.

CFI is today an extremely respected coaching and leadership institution in India.

What we at CFI do

  • CFI has deep expertise in developing leaders and contributing to their effectiveness using coaching and allied capabilities.
  • CFI’s solutions address the diverse needs of executive leaders, young and emerging leaders and founders and promoters of businesses.
  • CFI delivers these solutions through its enviable and much revered pool of coaches and mentors who have successfully completed its flagship Post Graduate Program in Executive Coaching.
  • To make these solutions sustainable, CFI helps organisations create a coaching culture.

The CFI impact

Since its founding days, CFI has played a pioneering role in popularizing Executive Coaching and its use for leader development in India in a culturally appropriate and contextually relevant manner.

As a passionate community of practitioners CFI and its coaches have been able to touch lives deeply.  CFI brings depth to its work while approaching it through an Indian lens.

With a community of over 280 certified coaches, the deep expertise gained from having handled over 1100 paid engagements, having contributed to nurturing a coaching culture by training over 800 leaders and managers as coaches and served the needs of over 210 client organisations, CFI is today the most preferred destination for potential Coaches and clients, and a trusted source of thought about Leadership and Coaching.

CFI is headquartered in Chennai, India.

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