The totus Story

Over these long years, there is a lot to be grateful for and proud about:
  • Started as a boutique and retained our boutique identity, offering bespoke solutions, respecting
    the uniqueness of each client and their situation
  • served start-ups when the term “start-up” was not so cool.
  • Worked closely with high growth entrepreneurs large and small as well as large corporates.
  • Worked as a fractional CHRO for several clients before such a model existed
  • Worked with Venture capital firms and private equity firms in due diligence and to support their
    firms and their portfolio companies
  • Grew entirely by word of mouth
  • When there were disruptive changes in the way in which HR services were designed and delivered, had the courage to pivot and become even more boutique and hands on.
  • Leveraged the experience to give birth to CFI in the year 2006.
  • Always displayed the courage and humility to learn, change and adapt.

“So, what does totus mean? “ totus ”in Latin means COMPLETE!”

totus consulting
was founded in
June 2000