Diagnosis & Consensus Building

Inquiry and change they say are simultaneous

  • If you are keen to understand what is going on in your Organisation from a culture, climate and commitment perspective or wish to promote readiness for change and wish to do it in a way that is positive and appreciative and forward looking, it will call for skills, expertise and use of the right methodology.
  • If you are keen to build consensus among your employees around a complex and critical issue or change agenda, it will call for skilled conversations.
  • I have been engaged in sensing and consensus building exercises for a few decades and enjoy doing it.
  • Do call me if you and your leaders are keen to put your finger on the right issues or wish to build consensus on major change agendas in a manner that promotes commitment.

The art & Science of diagnosis

The seeds of change are always present. The role of the consultant is to ask the right “fateful questions” and encourage members of the system to take ownership for their destiny by being candid and constructive. When the narrative is positive, the outcomes are positive too.