Five Engaging Way

Five Engaging Ways


India’s rapid economic growth has led to abundant prosperity for employees. unfortunately, this growth and prosperity has brought socio-cultural shifts that are posing several psychological problems. over a period of time these will become counter productive for organisations that are, today, thriving on the efforts of this work force.

to help deal with personal and work related psychological problems employees have so far relied on the rich family support system. friends and informal mentors too have been a major support. as employees migrate to work in other cities, embrace a global identity and become more individualistic, they are leaving behind these support systems. counsellors and coaches can help, but they are yet to gain widespread acceptance.

to address these lacunae and the impending productivity loss managements’ are obligated to create a helping organisation. this book presents a refreshingly new approach to helping tomorrow’s work force today through a 5 – layer helping model.

by creating a helping organisation ceos, hr directors, and managers will discover a path breaking and practical approach to promote employee performance, growth and well being.

creating a helping organisation is a refreshingly new approach to engaging tomorrow’s workforce!