Facilitating Conversations

Facilitating Conversations

All crucial conversations need to be facilitated

  • If you and your top team need to engage in conversations that matter – like purpose, vision, team work, trust, relationships and so on, they need to be facilitated effectively.
  • I enjoy facilitating these conversations and helping teams move forward.
  • Do call me if you need to engage in crucial conversations. I can help make it happen

The art & Science of facilitation

The role of the facilitator is to facilitate or make happen. To create  a safe space where candid and meaningful conversations can happen and great conclusions can be arrived at. To promote learning.

Facilitating conversations

Facilitating conversations

The Managing Director of a multinational engineering company was concerned that he had no strategy or plan to identify, develop and retain his talented employees. In the face of certain changes taking place in his Organisation, this need was becoming extremely critical. He was also keen that his leadership team appreciated this need and co-owned its implementation. In this context he invited Ganesh Chella to partner with him. Through a series of interactions which finally culminated in an intensive workshop, the MD was able to arrive at a clear talent management strategy which was fully endorsed by his team.

As he assumed responsibility as the Managing Director of this telecom major, he realized that his leadership team had a large proportion of new members many of who were also new to their roles and the business. For this new team to achieve results under competitive circumstances, he saw the need to invest in an intervention to bring team members closer, get them to appreciate each other’s strengths, respect each other’s styles and discuss and agree on the key strategic imperatives to achieve the business goals. ln this context, he invited Ganesh Chella to partner with him and his team.

Ganesh engaged in one-on-one discussions with all the members of the leadership team to establish common ground. This was followed by a fair amount of preparatory work before the entire team got together for a strategic off-site. The off-site which was facilitated by Ganesh Chella served as a platform to accomplish many of the team development agendas set out by the MD. A few months after the off-site, the team has made rapid progress.

The founders of a technology company were at cross-roads. Having reached a certain scale, they were not sure if they should scale to the next level or sell out. They were also not sure about the personaly goals of one another as well as those in their leadership team. They were also not sure about what decision to take and what it would take to implement the decision they took. It is in this context that reached out to Ganesh. Ganesh used his facilitation skills to help all the key stakeholders to engage in deep and candid conversations over a period of time. At the end of these conversations, there was clarity and conviction and commitment to whatever they had decided.

The MD of a large engineering company realized that his top team consisted of brilliant individuals who were not necessarily collaborating on matters of common significance for the business. The Executive Committee was not doing what it was meant to do. We worked with the EC team members to enhance their level of trust in one another, helped improve the quality of conversations in these meetings and improved on the level of openness to confort ans ask questions. The journey of working together continues.

The MD of a multinational engineering company wanted to craft a five year plan for his business in an inclusive manner. He wanted to ensure that his top 20 leaders were involved in the process and had the chance to ask questions, reflect and co-create that plan. Using elements of a future search methodology we were able to get the team to engage in deep conversations about the past, present and future. They were also able to integrate the outcomes into their Balanced Scorecard for the coming year.

There was a leadership change in this Indian engineering company which was representing a global manufacturer of machines for the construction and mining industry. The new CEO realized that the change came at a time when there are rapid changes and opportunities in the business environment. There were huge opportunities for the company to be much more ambitious and dream much bigger and perform to far higher potential than it has so far. At the same time, the environment also poses several new challenges as well as disruptive changes. To that extent executives internally may have had inevitable blind spots about how they were doing against such changing expectations.

In this context we were invited to design and implement an intervention that will help the CEO rally his critical leadership team members (the change community) towards the desire future. Such an intervention was to serve to co-create the agenda for change in an inclusive manner. For this purpose, we engaged the change community of 50 leaders in discovery dialogues where the senior leaders interviewed their colleagues and filed reports. These interviews focused on what gave life to the Organisation, its high points and best practices as well as dreams and wishes. These interview findings were collated and presented to the entire change community to help them create a change concrete plans for the future.

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